Wellsir, I'm packing up and moving this here blog to greener pastures. Blogger was once a solid choice, but development seems to have really ground to halt over the past few years. I'm thinking Tumblr will be a more exciting and flexible home.

Tumblr is super customizable and a lot easier to work with from the back end, and hopefully will be more pleasant to browse from the front. I've had a Tumblog for a while now, Web Booty, where I post weird stuff I come across on the internet, and I really like the simplicity of the platform. I'm still working on implementing comments, which is kind of a pain, but hopefully it'll be sorted out eventually. You can find the new blog here:

If you're already subscribed to Postwaste via RSS you should continue receiving posts in your aggregator of choice (i.e. you don't have to do anything). The complete archive of posts here on Blogger will remain available in perpetuity (or at least as long as the service is around).

See y'all on Tumblr, and thanks for following my work! It means a lot to me.